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MATT&NAT MINJI サッチェル - DWELL - ハッピーキヌア
MATT&NAT MINJI サッチェル - DWELL - ハッピーキヌア
MATT&NAT MINJI サッチェル - DWELL - ハッピーキヌア
MATT&NAT MINJI サッチェル - DWELL - ハッピーキヌア
MATT&NAT MINJI サッチェル - DWELL - ハッピーキヌア
MATT&NAT MINJI サッチェル - DWELL - ハッピーキヌア
MATT&NAT MINJI サッチェル - DWELL - ハッピーキヌア
MATT&NAT MINJI サッチェル - DWELL - ハッピーキヌア
MATT&NAT MINJI サッチェル - DWELL - ハッピーキヌア
MATT&NAT MINJI サッチェル - DWELL - ハッピーキヌア




Founded in Montreal, Canada in 1995, it is a brand that leads sustainable fashion with vegan apparel. The brand name comes from Material + Nature.

Based on the simple motto of "living beautifully", we promised to never use leather or animal-derived materials from the beginning. It is a sustainable brand that has been loved all over the world for many years, using various recycled materials such as recycled nylon, cardboard, rubber, and cork.

Satchel with adjustable top handle attached through metal eyelets on top flap, asymmetrical flap detail with hidden magnetic closure, front zipper compartment.

Comes with a removable and adjustable crossbody strap.

Interior Zip pocket, smartphone pocket and logo-embossed dowel patch. 100% recycled nylon lining.

30.0cm x 25.4cm x 12.7cm, Strap length 48.2 cm-60.0 cm, handle drop 11.4 cm-19.0 cm

All Matt & Nat products are vegan and cruelty-free.

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    Matt&Nat's Philosophy

    Matt&Nat's obsession

    Matt&Nat was founded in Montreal, Canada in 1995. MATT&NAT stands for MAT(T)ERIAL + NATURE. With a sense of reverence for nature, we continue to explore synergies with materials.

    Matt&Nat's motto is to live beautifully. We love nature and aim to go hand in hand with nature, providing sustainable, eco-friendly and fashionable items.

    "We're not perfect, but we aim to get better over time. Matt&Nat's vegan ethos lives on. Our learning journey is just beginning."

    - Manny Kohli, President and Chief Executive Officer

    Ethics and Sustainability

    Vegan since its founding


    Matt & Nat has been making vegan products without using animal-derived ingredients since its founding. No animal products are used.

    In addition to being vegan, Matt&Nat continues to explore innovative ways to create more sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Over the years, we have experimented with different recycled materials such as recycled nylon, cardboard, rubber and cork.

    Since 2007, we have only used 100% recycled PET bottles for the lining. Approximately 21 plastic bottles are recycled for each bag produced.

    Artificial leather

    There are two typical materials for artificial leather, "PVC (polyvinyl chloride)" and "PU (polyurethane)", but Matt&Nat's vegan leather uses polyurethane that has a low environmental impact.

    The standards for the materials we use are constantly being researched and updated.

    To products that are truly loved

    Rigorous quality & durability inspection

    At Matt&Nat, we conduct strict quality inspections. We also test the materials against everyday wear and tear to ensure they are durable.

    Through this test, we confirm that the bag is functional and long-lasting before it is commercialized. .

    Consideration for the working environment


    One of Matt&Nat's factories operates to the SA8000 standard, the international standard for employee protection. In the future, we aim to adapt this plan to other factories.

    Matt&Nat only works with factories that adhere to this policy, and we regularly check that our products are made in a decent working environment.

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