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Originating in Montreal, Canada in 1995, this brand leads sustainable fashion with vegan apparel. The brand name comes from Material + Nature.

Based on the simple motto of “living beautifully,” we have promised to never use leather or animal-derived materials since our founding. This is a sustainable brand that has been loved all over the world for many years, using various recycled materials such as recycled nylon, cardboard, rubber, and cork.

✔️ Padded 13" laptop pocket

✔️ Slim design with no outside pockets

✔️ Hidden zipper pocket for excellent security

Unusually for a backpack, it has a slim and stylish design with no pockets on the outside. There is a hidden zipper pocket facing the body, so it is a design that is suitable for storing valuables and has excellent security.

It also has a space for a laptop computer with a pad to prevent shock, so it is a backpack suitable for those who carry a computer on a daily basis.


Matt & Nat products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Interior: zipper pocket, smartphone pocket, logo-embossed loom patch, 100% recycled nylon lining

Dimensions: Width: 28 cm, Height 38 cm, Depth: 8.9 cm
Adjustable back strap: 48.26-58.42 cm

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