Huarache Footbed Sandals Women

Huarache Footbed Sandals Women

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Will's Vegan

From London 2012, Will's Vegan is a leading sustainable fashion brand in vegan apparel. All products are registered with the Vegan Society and embossed with their trademark.

Will's Vegan is a PETA certified company.
Vegan Products.
Ethically manufactured in Portugal in accordance with EU employment, discrimination, and health and safety laws.
We send our products in unused paper and cardboard which is environmentally friendly.
It is a carbon neutral product, delivered through an environmentally friendly plastic-free supply chain.

Product Details

Made in Italy from handmade vegan leather made from bio-oil from organic grains grown in Scandinavia using carbon neutral processes.
It is highly breathable and water resistant.
They feature a hole decoration design and lace-up front section.
It features a wood grain heel and smooth outsole.
It has a cushioned non-crush down insole made of recycled rubber.

Shipping and Duty Information

Please allow 3-10 business days for shipping as this item is an international item. You will be notified of shipment via email. For environmental reasons, other items purchased will be shipped together. We ask for your cooperation in consolidating your purchases as much as possible.
Customs duties and international shipping charges are included in the price.

Product Care

This product is manufactured using high quality vegan leather and suede. They can be kept in good condition with minimal care.

Water resistance keeps water out, even if it rains a little. They can also be worn in muddy or muddy conditions. In winter, unlike typical leather or suede shoes, the material will not be damaged or scratched by walking on snow.

However, please try to avoid wearing them in deep snow, deep puddles, running water, or prolonged heavy rain. Please note that if these conditions persist for a long time, water may penetrate into the shoes through the seams.

This product does not insulate, so we recommend that you wear the shoes with thick insulated socks or the like in cold environments such as below freezing temperatures.


Wipe the top of the vegan leather with warm water using a mild detergent and a cloth or brush.

Dry the pad using a paper towel or towel.

Keep the shoes away from direct heat sources when drying, as they may be damaged, and wait for them to dry naturally.

Polish may be used to bring out the shine and restore color. Follow the instructions for each item. We recommend testing on an inconspicuous area first.

Do not apply any waterproofing or other treatments to vegan leather as this may damage the leather.