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Dotswill LADYBIRD GO COOKIES (8-year vegan cookies)

Dotswill LADYBIRD GO COOKIES (8-year vegan cookies)

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A vegan cookie made by the popular vegan restaurant "Eightablish," which has been in operation since 2000 in Omotesando.

Dotswill brand rice flour-based cookie in the shape of a ladybug. It has a crispy and gentle texture using organic maple syrup and organic strawberries. Suitable for gluten-free. It is a package that can be stored for up to 8 years, and can also be used as a disaster stockpile.

At the time of production, 3% of the product price is donated to the international medical organization NPO Japan Heart "SmileSmilePROJECT - Cheerleaders for Children and Families Fighting Childhood Cancer -".

✔️Reduce food loss with long-term storage package for 8 years

✔️For disaster prevention stockpiling◎

✔️Create sustainable products that do not burden nature with awareness of SDGs

✔️3% of sales will be donated to children with cancer

The carefully designed packaging makes it an ideal souvenir or gift.

Raw materials Organic rice flour (domestic), organic maple syrup, organic rapeseed oil, almond powder, potato starch, organic strawberries, beet sugar, vanilla extract
Contents 120g (8 maple flavor, 8 strawberry flavor)
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