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Plant Based Keema Curry Plant-based curry

Plant Based Keema Curry Plant-based curry

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Hapikinu's proprietary plant-based retort keema curry (no animal ingredients used)

・Combined with our original product “Cauliflower Rice” that can be stored at room temperature , it is possible to realize a complete vegan meal that can take in more than 15g of protein with only 280kcal per meal.

・Large capacity of 200g, Hapikinu's uniquely developed soy meat has a meaty texture that is attractive.

1 piece: 756 yen
4 pieces: 2,917 yen (better than buying individually)
raw materials Fibrous vegetable protein (including soybeans, manufactured in Japan), freeze-dried tofu, tomato puree, fried eggplant, sauteed onions, curry roux (wheat flour, vegetable oil, sugar (beet sugar), yeast extract, curry powder, salt, spices. , apple juice, powdered soy sauce, malt extract), carrot, coconut milk, ginger paste, vegetable powder bouillon, garlic paste, medium thick sauce (contains apple), wheat flour, sugar (sugar), spices, yeast extract, Plant proteolytic enzyme decomposition product / calcium sulfate, tofu coagulant (calcium chloride), baking soda
Internal capacity 200g
nutrition facts table

per 200g serving

Energy 245kcal, fat 9.4g, protein 15.8g, carbohydrates 24.2g, salt equivalent 2.8g

Package Art Director: Asako Taki

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