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MOON PANTS water absorption shorts daytime black lace


Smooth fit. There is a lace on the back, so you can enjoy a soft and gentle comfort without feeling oppressive. The crotch part and waist part gently adhere to...

YES Intimate Oil Lotion OB 80ml


An oil lotion for delicate zones based on highly moisturizing natural oils, which is popular in the UK. Non-sticky and smooth oil protects the delicate zone. 99.8% organic ingredients. Glycerin,...

Riz Brun + Soy Mince 130g


Soy meat with the nutrition and aroma of brown rice. The mince type can be used for various dishes such as hamburgers, mapo tofu, and soboro. Raw materials Defatted soybeans...

organic orange spread


A delicious sugar-free jam that makes use of the natural sweetness and sourness without using any sugar. No preservatives or colorings are used. It is also recommended as a secret...

organic curry powder


Uses 100% organic spices that are safe and secure. Perfect for dry curries. Country of Origin: Sri Lanka Raw materials Organic turmeric, organic cinnamon, organic curry leaves, organic lemongrass, organic...

Organic Jackfruit Canned


Jackfruit is widely grown in Southeast Asia, South Asia, and South America. Unripe jackfruit has a meat-like texture and is rich in dietary fiber, so it has recently become popular...

Dotswill Long-term storage vegan cookie set (Vegan cookie that can be stored for 8 years)


A vegan cookie made by the popular vegan restaurant "Eightablish," which has been in operation since 2000 in Omotesando. The Dotswill brand supervised and manufactured by 8ablish has released a...

IKEUCHI ORGANIC オーガニック120フェイスタオル


IKEUCHI ORGANIC IKEUCHI ORGANIC は、創業68年のオーガニックコットン100%の今治タオル専門店です。 バスタオル、フェイスタオル、タオルケット、オーガニックマスク、ベビー用品、出産祝いや結婚祝いのギフトまで、赤ちゃんが口に含んでも安心・安全な商品を製造しています。   オーガニック120フェイスタオル オーガニックコットンを100%使用したこちらのタオルは、しっかりとしたメンテナンス(洗濯・乾燥)をすれば、5年、10年と長持ちする作りが特徴です。経年劣化が少なく、使えば使うほど味が出るためリピーターも多く、同ブランドの毎年の売上ランキングでも不動の1位を獲得し続けているシリーズです。   内装 オーガニックコットン100% 寸法 35 × 80 cm  

Ohsawa Organic Spaghetti


The spaghetti from northern Italy is chewy and chewy. It goes well with the sauce and goes well with the slightly spicy olive oil. Raw materials Organic durum wheat semolina...

organic ketchup


A ketchup with a rustic sweetness and a rich flavor, made with Italian organic tomatoes. Raw materials Organic tomato, organic sucrose, organic apple cider vinegar, salt, organic nutmeg, organic glove...

blister black beans


Healthy beans containing more anthocyanin than regular black beans. Raw materials Black soybeans content 150g

Soy meat slice type 150g


Soy protein is molded into easy-to-use slices. It can be cooked in the same way as sliced ​​meat. Please rehydrate once before use. For stir-fry and fries. Raw materials Defatted...

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