This is kei from the Hapikinu management team. Introducing Womsh's apple leather shoes introduced on Instagram on December 1st.

Happy Quinoa Instagram first featured Womsh sneakers in November 2020. It was very well received by Hapikinu readers, with nearly 1,500 likes and many comments.

Even within the Hapikinu team, it became a hot topic as "ethical and cute anyway", and we started considering whether we could somehow purchase it from Japan.

After negotiating with the Womsh head office in Italy, it was decided that we would be able to handle it specially for Hapikinu fans . (Only Hapikinu in Japan!🐰)

What brand is Womsh?

It is also wonderful that it uses parts that would otherwise be thrown away, is eco-friendly , and does not harm animals during the manufacturing process.

In addition, we are manufacturing with consideration for the working environment of the people involved in manufacturing .

I will show you the real photo

We will post product photos actually taken by the Hapikinu management team. I hope it will be helpful for your consideration.

Please note that the photos taken by the editorial department are taken indoors, and the actual color may differ slightly.

The product page image is close to the actual color, so I will post that too ◎


Here is an image of the product page. This color is close to the actual color.

Here it is from Italy.

It's in a paper box. The Womsh logo is printed on the thin paper that wraps it. Of course, the packaging is plastic-free.

This eco bag is also attached to the sneakers ◎

The word "CHOOSE THE CHANGE" is cool. It seems to be active as an eco bag.

By default, pink shoelaces are tied, but white shoelaces are also included.

The metal part is green, so even if you change the string to white, the green accent color is overwhelmingly cute!

The logo is made of vegan leather, just like the body of the shoe. It is embossed, and when you touch the letters, you can see the unevenness. The point is that it says vegan.

The texture of the material is also luxurious. A neat feeling that makes you forget that it is an apple.

VEGAN is also written on the inside and back of the shoe. The design makes a casual statement when you take it off or when you are seen from behind on the stairs.

I rolled up the 9.5 part length denim a little and put it together ◎

Simple but cute! The ankle socks (the normal ones I bought at Forever21) are long enough to be seen. The design is easy to match with anything.

I'm planning to match it with the feet of a long dress next time!

Womsh Vegan Shoes VEGAN LOOP BLACK

↑ Here is an image of the product page. This color is close to the actual color

These boots are very popular among fashionable people. It features a sporty design. The word "made with respect" is cute.

The ankle part has a texture like a wet suit and is soft.

It is highly elastic, so you can easily put it on and take it off. Personally, I find it troublesome to have zippers and buttons, so I like this shape very much.

WOMSH is also printed on the back, giving it a sporty look. If you have a vegan down jacket, you can wear it together and look cool!

See also side lettering and material details. The vegan leather part has a smooth texture.

The back of the heel part is rugged, so it can be used even in snow and mud. Vegan leather is more resistant to water and stains than genuine leather, making it easier to clean.

This product will also be delivered in plastic-free packaging. (Eco bag is not attached. Please note.)


↑ Here is an image of the product page. This color is close to the actual color.

Features the words CHOOSE THE CHANGE.

A design that upgrades simple fashion. Because the color is calm, it is easy to match with anything ◎

Please check the materials here. The heel and the back of the Womsh logo are smooth and shiny vegan leather. You can feel the quality when you touch it.

You can also see the letters VEGAN when viewed from behind. It looks casual when climbing stairs or in a shoebox.

The design on the back is also cute! The soft design is perfect for vegan leather.

It looks like this when viewed from above. When you wear it, you can only see it from above, so it is important whether you like the design when you see it from above.

The camel color on the instep and green accent buttons add tension.


This is also a sneaker that was popular from the November post. It's so popular that some sizes are already sold out. The remaining sizes are likely to sell out quickly, so please hurry if you are interested.

(The color looks completely different, but the top product image is the correct color.)

The product with the most rugged design out of the four we are dealing with this time. The shape is rugged, but the color is soft and cute, so it's very fashionable. These voluminous shoes make your legs look slim and delicate!

I would especially like to recommend this heel cut. Unlike sneakers with a simple design, they are rugged even when viewed from behind.

I'm sorry that the image is dark, but please check the texture here. The beige part uses suede-like vegan leather.

The shoelaces are not monochromatic, but sporty patterned laces are used.

About size

I usually wear 24.5cm, but when I tried it on, Womsh's 24.5cm size was "just a little roomy".

It didn't seem necessary to put insoles in, so it doesn't seem to be a problem to choose the same size as usual.

My feet are a little wide, so when I wear narrow shoes, I need to go up a size, but I was able to wear Womsh's shoes without feeling tight on the sides.

Thank you for reading 🐰

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